Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Is this the Downward Dog?

Thing Two maintained this pose for like, 8 whole minutes at our Neighborhood Night Out party

Go See this Movie

Fun with Fractions

We are a family of five, including Lenny the dog.

Lets break it down:

2/5 of us have intentionally eaten crap

1/5 of us really likes eating crap, especially when served on a bed of Huggie Diaper, with a bit of nice au jus

2/5 of us have rolled around in crap for pleasure

2/5 of us have crapped in the backyard

4/5 of us have pissed in the back yard

1/5 of us have whipped it out and pissed at the park, right there in front of God and Everyone

1/5 of us have been to jail...more than once

2/5 of us are, for all intents and purposes, bald

1/5 of us is going to start preschool this fall

2/5 of us can barely hide our excitement at the prospect of a good, sound, preschool-street-justice-styled ass-whoopin' that 1/5 of us is likely to receive by the end of September

One could predict that the above statement might be true for another 1/5 of us

5/5 of us truly love Dan Zanes and Friends

2/5 of us lurked in the alley behind the Fitzgerald Theater in May for 45 minutes after the show so that 1/5 of us could shout, "Hi Dan Zanes! What kind of car do you drive?"